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The October Witches

There's so much to love about October - Halloween, pumpkin everything and MAGIC. Especially magic.


But for nervous young witch Clemmie, this October might see the stars descend on her for the first time, bringing with them a whole month of chaotic new power.


She's spent twelve years watching her mum, aunts and cousin receive their October power and knows that, for the Merlyns, magic can get very messy.


And there are those who want to harness their magic and make it last beyond October. It's a bold experiment, until Clemmie and her coven find themselves in mortal danger.

Jennifer Claessen

Jennifer was born in Reading so, of course, grew up a book worm. She studied literature and theatre at at least five universities.

As teacher and theatre-maker, Jennifer loves stories and leads interactive drama-based workshops. She is currently Writer in Residence at Abney Park, a cemetery in North East London, where she works with Year 5 students on telling their own stories.


Jennifer has two small feral children and is raising them to love reading, travel and ice cream just like her. You can find her whizzing to drama and creative writing workshops on her yellow bike.

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School visits

 I am PGCE trained teacher of English and Drama with over 12 years experience teaching in a range of settings. I run workshops, deliver assemblies & can come and visit your school! 

'It would be sick if this was literacy every day!'

'I’ve got so many new ideas now. I’m going to keep writing at home and do part two.'

'I’ve never written a story before. But I’m proud of my characters.'

'I liked writing with my friends. We had a few arguments about who was doing what and what would happen in the story but it’s come out so good.'

'This is the best story I’ve ever written. No lie.'

'I used to want to be a YouTuber but now I’d like to publish a few books. And do YouTube videos too!'


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